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Black and Bi-Color German Shepherd Puppies

Schwarze-Hunde Puppies are are sold with Limited (non-breeding) AKC Registration. Full AKC Breeding registration is available  for a small paperwork fee once the puppy has passed preliminary (minimum age 12 months old) or OFA certification (minimum age 24 months old) for hip and elbow dysplasia. Even though our dogs have generations of dysplasia free ancestors, each new generation should still be x-rayed before being used for breeding.

Shipping fees are additional if shipping to you is needed (about $350 for puppies under 10 weeks old anywhere in the 49 states. Older puppies are bigger and cost about $395 to ship. I will not ship to Hawaii). The puppy arrives at the airport near you for you to pick up the same day it is shipped.

Available/Upcoming Puppies 

This list updated any time there is a change in what is available or upcoming. Check back often-the Page is current!

Reserve Early for best selection! Click here for info on the Priority List!!

Black Adult Females to be Listed For Sale Soon. Please Check Back, or Contact Me.

"N" Litter Born August 23, 2009, Ready Mid October 2009

N Litter BORN August 23-Ready Mid to late October: THREE Bi-Colors Males, and ONE Bi-Color Female available! Sire: SG-Ibo vom Braunschweiger Wappen (German SchH3 import stud). Dam: Elvira vom Schwarze-Hunde (dau of Belgium Ch Import Zarry SchH3 and Ch. Oxana SchH1. For more info For PUPPY PHOTOS and INFO click here!

"O" Litter Born Sept 15, 2009, Ready Early November 2009

O Litter Born Sept 15, Ready Early-Mid November: ALL SOLID BLACK LITTER. ONE MALE AND THREE FEMALES AVAILABLE!! Regular hair, and possible long hair as well. This is a repeat breeding.  Yeva is a  littermate to Yerick (thus can not breed to him) and Yeva is also a daughter of Ch Zarry.  For best position and selection RESERVE NOW. Click here for more info.

Join the Priority List For Best Selection When The Puppies Are Born! For Info on how to join the Priority List for Solid Blacks or Bi-Colors click here.

Vom Schwarze-Hunde maintains two different lists of people that have inquired about buying one of our Solid Black or Bi-Color Black Puppies: The Free list, and the Priority List.

The free list is for people that have expressed interest only. There is no charge to be on this list. They will be allowed to purchase one of our Solid Black or Bi-Color Blacks, depending on which you request, if all people on the Priority List have first been offered to reserve the available puppies.

The second list is for people that have sent in a Priority List fee. People that have sent this fee will have precedence over those that have only expressed interest.

 We have many inquiries for our puppies, and this is the most fair way to assure that those of you that truly have decided to purchase one of our wonderful puppies will have the opportunity to do so.

Please contact us via email and specify which list you prefer to be on. We will email you a questionnaire. Once you email that back to us we will email you the form to use if you wish to be on the Priority List if you wish to be sure of getting one of our fine dog-babies.

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